Build Portal finders
Portal Finder can be useful for calling OQUPIE customer portals through web views, usually in a mobile app.In addition, through optional parameter setting, customer information can be collected at the same time when receiving customer inquiries.Use Portal Finder to connect your desired customer portal to one endpoint.Contentstep 1. Generate Portal findersPortal finder settingChecking the access key and secret keyStep 2. Build Portal findersEndpoint URLParametersExample 😼 Step 3. Use JWT method (
Ticket Overview
A ticket indicates a customer’s inquiry. OQUPIE converts all inquiries from various channels, including email, Facebook, and Twitter, into tickets to help process conversations with your customers efficiently. Customer support begins with ticket management and replying to customer inquiries. Start Ticket Ticket is composed of 3 parts. Ticket BoxTicket ListTicket ConversationTicket Box Ticket Box is composed of All Tickets, My All Tickets, Group’s All Tickets, Google Play, Blocked Tickets, and De
JWT method for the Portal finder
Set up enhanced security for portal finder with JWT. 💡 : JWT and query string types cannot be used at the same time. ContentJWT methodJWT algorithmToken creation exampleEndpoint URL for JWT request with OQUPIEData to be included in JWT payloadJWT method There is potenial risk that the secret key can be easily exposed when the GET method uses query strings in the URL. If the access key and secret key are exposed, anyone can access your portal finder. The JWT method is a more secure method to auth
Customer Portal Overview
The Customer Portal is a self-service provided per brand. Open 1:1 contact through the Customer Portal and post FAQ and Notice. Customers can solve simple and repetitive problems independently, and the agent can focus on more difficult problems. Start Customer Portal To start the Customer Portal, first make the Customer Portal Contents through the Knowledge Base and set Inquiry Types to receive 1:1 inquiries from the customers. Manage Customer Portal with simple settings.Make contents with the K
Canned Response Overview
Repeated questions, greetings, etc., can be processed quickly with canned responses. Communicate with your customers faster by using Canned Response. Placeholders can help to create customized answers. Start Canned Response You can start Canned Response from the Gadget page at the top menu of OQUPIE. Canned responses can be understood in three steps. Canned Response categoryWrite Canned ResponseApply Canned ResponseCanned Response category Canned Response are divided into Share Canned Response a