Brands Overview
Brands is the first step to start OQUPIE. Brand means each product or service that the company will provide customer support on. You can manage many brands from a single OQUPIE account and connect many channels to each brand. Start Brands You can start Brands at the top right corner of OQUPIE Settings > Brands. To manage your brand, you should follow the steps below. Create brandSetting channel connectionOther settingsCreate brand You can create brand by clicking on the Create Brand button at th
Customer Overview
Customers that leave an inquiry are automatically listed and managed on the Customer Page. You can manage customers by rating them as a VVIP, VIP, or malicious customer. You can provide personalized service based on the customer’s history. Start Customer Go to Customer on the upper menu. Customer Management provides 3 features. Customer Search and Profile CheckEdit ProfileCreate, Block and Delete CustomerCustomer Search and Profile Check You can find the desired Profile from the Customer Search
Ticket Overview
A ticket indicates a customer’s inquiry. OQUPIE converts all inquiries from various channels, including email, Facebook, and Twitter, into tickets to help process conversations with your customers efficiently. Customer support begins with ticket management and replying to customer inquiries. Start Ticket Ticket is composed of 3 parts. Ticket BoxTicket ListTicket ConversationTicket Box Ticket Box is composed of All Tickets, My All Tickets, Group’s All Tickets, Google Play, Blocked Tickets, and De
Manage Roles
Create New RolesIf you are using an Enterprise Plan, you can create new roles other than basic roles provided by OQUPIE. Freely define roles that fit your organization and work system by using ‘Create new roles’.Understanding RolesOQUPIE has previously defined Default roles and new roles defined by users.Basic role is a default role defined by OQUPIE as account owner, admin, pro agent, or agent.[Table 1] Basic RolesDefault RolesDescriptionAccount ownerThe Account owner role is given to newly cre
Customer Portal Overview
The Customer Portal is a self-service provided per brand. Open 1:1 contact through the Customer Portal and post FAQ and Notice. Customers can solve simple and repetitive problems independently, and the agent can focus on more difficult problems. Start Customer Portal To start the Customer Portal, first make the Customer Portal Contents through the Knowledge Base and set Inquiry Types to receive 1:1 inquiries from the customers. Manage Customer Portal with simple settings.Make contents with the K