Update note - 4nd Week of August 2021 | OQUPIE
Update note - 4nd Week of August 2021

🛒 Tada~ Delivery bot function has upgraded.

Now you can set Additional field, which is a delivery bot function added from the Gadget > Delivery Bot menu. 🏗️

I'll briefly summarize the upgraded delivery bot function.

  • Use +add a Question in the "Inquiry type and template" menu to execute the desired conditions and actions.
  • The inquiries received from the customer portal can be differentiated according to the customer's answers.
  • For example, 'Do you want additional counseling?' If the customer answers yes to this additional question, you can automatically assign a ticket to an outbound representative member.

📌 Note: Before you can use the Delivery Bot Additional Field function, you must create additional questions from the Inquiry type and template menu.

+ Additions

  • The existing option "Extra field" has been renamed to User Defined Field.
  • You cannot apply a delivery bot to additional questions in Checkbox format where customers can select multiple answers. 😅

🤔 And some new features are also updated.

🔖 Now you can search for tickets with tags.

  • Did you know that OQUPIE has a tag function?
  • tag function allows you to tag specific tickets and manage them separately.
  • For example, enter tags:{keyword} in the search field to search for tickets with specific tags added.

📌 Example: Type the following in the searching field -> tags:Micheal -> Enter -> then 'Micheal Jackson' tagged tickets will be searched.

📊 In the ticket data, you can check the 'initial response time'.

  • The ticket data function to check customer support statistics has been improved.
  • We can check the level of customer support in our service more accurately through 'Initial response time'.
  • In the downloaded CSV file, in a column named 'first_reply', the 'first response time of the ticket' is recorded.

🔎 On the search results page, now bulk action can be carried out.

  • When searched for tickets, there were feedbacks that it was inconvenient because it couldn't proceed with additional work on the searching page.
  • Reflecting on feedback, we have improved to proceed bulk actions in the searching list. 😍
  • To make the search function more convenient, the number of tickets searched has also doubled from 15 to 30 per page.

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