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Update note- 3rd Week of October, 2021

🎯 Can't we get more detailed inquiries?


Inquiry templates are used when receiving 1:1 inquiries separated by type. Now, you can divide the types of inquiries into the upper and lower group of inquiry types, and apply the appropriate inquiry form to each group of types. Receiving inquiries in a more detailed form will allow you to collect information much more specifically and systematically. Cool!

For example, if a customer tries to report a 'Technical error', they can have them select types such as 'system error', 'graphic error', and 'speed issue' one more time. And you can display different forms for each sub-type to enter customized information for each case. Due to the variety of inquiries, those who had to classify the first classified inquiries in 1:1 inquiries by hand can drastically reduce the workload.

☝ It is also reflected in the ticket filter and report, so you can check the status of inquiries in more detail by group and templates. 

☝ It also applies to the delivery bot rules, so set up a new automation process. 

1. Create a type of statement and template to be included in a group with Inquiries and Templates > Create inquiry type menu.

2. Click Create group and pick the inquiry types which will be contained in the group and click OK

3. Click   ···  (See more) to Edit or delete inquiry groups.

🤸‍♂️Open a new browser tab with Ctrl key. Let's just stop keep going back. 


Aren't you tired of the endless process of going back to the ticket list and navigating to the new ticket after answering on the ticket page?

Let's stop moving unnecessary pages! If you place your cursor on the ticket list and press  Ctrl/Command  + Click, you can leave the current window as it is and open a new tab. Put up all the tickets that you're going to work on and work quickly without going back.

☝While writing an answer, there are times when you need to check with the customer what you answered before. In that case, check the customer information > ticket details by displaying the old inquiry details on the new tab.

☝ The same applies not only to tickets and ticket details but also to all lists that need to be repeated, such as knowledge base documents and inquiry types, so please use them whenever you needed.

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