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Customer Overview

Customers that leave an inquiry are automatically listed and managed on the Customer Page. You can manage customers by rating them as a VVIP, VIP, or malicious customer. You can provide personalized service based on the customer’s history. 

Start Customer 

Go to Customer on the upper menu. Customer Management provides 3 features. 

  • Customer Search and Profile Check
  • Edit Profile
  • Create, Block and Delete Customer

Customer Search and Profile Check 

You can find the desired Profile from the Customer Search at the upper right corner. You can check the Profile on the right by clicking the desired customer. 

  • Profile: Customer Name, ID, Using Brand, Connected Channel Information and Tag.
  • Ticket History: Processed inquiries
  • Customer Memo: Memo on the customer left between members

Edit Profile 

Click the Edit Profile button from Profile in Customer Information to go to the Edit Profile page. You can edit or delete the Profile on the Edit Profile Page. 

Customer Rating and Customer Orientation can be edited. Customer Rating is divided into General (Null), VIP and VVIP. If you check a customer as a Malicious Customer on the Customer Orientation, the Customer Rating changes to RED

If you click Edit icon on the right of the customer list, it goes to the Edit Profile page. 

 Create, Block and Delete Customer 

Aside from automatically added customers, you can add new customer profiles by clicking the Add Customer button on the left. If you click the ∙∙∙(More) button on the Profile you can block or delete the customer. 

  • Notice on Blocking Customers: If you block a specific customer, tickets sent by the customer are automatically spammed.
  • Notice on Deleting Customers: To delete a customer, all the tickets sent by the customer should be closed. Also, all the tickets sent by the customer will be deleted.
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