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Brands Overview

Brands is the first step to start OQUPIE. Brand means each product or service that the company will provide customer support on. You can manage many brands from a single OQUPIE account and connect many channels to each brand. 

Start Brands 

You can start Brands at the top right corner of OQUPIE Settings > Brands. To manage your brand, you should follow the steps below. 

  • Create brand
  • Setting channel connection
  • Other settings

Create brand 

You can create brand by clicking on the Create Brand button at the upper right of the Brands page. 

Setting Contents

  • Brand Name: Product or service name for customer support
  • Supported Language: Brand’s service language displayed to customers
  • Customer Support Email:  Representative email that receives brand related inquiries

OQUPIE provides services for brands in following languages.

  • Korean
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • Russian
  • German

Setting Channel Connection 

Channel is a method or a tool for customers to send their inquiries. To integrate customer inquiries occurred in various channels into OQUPIE tickets, you have to connect channels to brands. You can connect channels in Brands > Select Brands > Channel Settings

You can connect following channels to the OQUPIE service.

  • Email (Oqupie email, Gmail, Others(IMAP/SMTP))
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Play (App reviews)
  • Mobile SDK (Unity, Cocos2d-x, Native app)
  • UE4 Plugin (Unreal Engine 4 base, PC version)
  • Widget
  • Customer Portal

Other Settings

Followings can be added in the settings of Brands.

  • Brand info
  • Brand access setting
  • Inquiry type and template
  • Configure widget
  • Manage customer portal

Brand Info

You can check brand basic info and edit or delete profile in Brands > Select Brand > Brand Info.

 Brand Access Setting 

You can manage this in Brands > Select Brand > Brand Access Setting. This is where you set the Default ticket assistant and Brand access member setting. 

On Brand access setting you can set 2 items.

  • Default Ticket Assistance: The first automatically assigned ticket assistance when brand’s new ticket is created
  • Brand Access Member Setting: The feature that grants access to brands according to a designated member or group in dashboard, ticket, Manage Customer, Knowledge Base and Report.

Inquiry Type and Template 

You can set in Brands > Select Brand > Inquiry Type and Template. Inquiry type and template means grouping frequently asked questions in templates. When customers leave messages in 1:1 contact of the brand's customer portal, they can select inquiry type and agents can manage tickets by the selected inquiry type. 

💡See ‘Explore Customer Portal’ for details. 

Configure Widget 

Widget provided by Oqupie helps you to receive inquiries right away by installing in web pages owned by the company such as company’s homepage, Customer Portal, etc. If you apply widget code on the website, you can provide service that let customers make easy and fast inquiries. 

You can set widget in Brands > Select Brand > Widget Settings. 

Setting Contents

  • Theme: Basic setting of color
  • Website URL to Embed Widget: Website URL where widget will be serviced
  • Widget Title: Title displayed at the top of widget
  • Greetings: Greetings displayed at the top of the widget when opened
  • Name of the Inquiry Button: Name of the button leading to 1:1 contact feature
  • Customer Portal Link Button: ON- if you press the button go to customer portal created for the brand OFF- do not use customer portal link button
  • Notice of Privacy Policy: ON- Go to embedded URL of privacy policy page, OFF- Do not use privacy policy button
  • Widget Button: Set widget button color or button customizing

  • Widget Code: Copy and paste code that can be embedded on your web page, HTML template of linking website or in front of the page’s tag.

Manage Customer Portal

Customer Portal provided by Oqupie is a self-service provided by brands. Using Customer Portal, company can use 1:1 contact field, and post FAQ, Notice, etc. so the company can efficiently share news and information with customers.

You can set widget in Brands > Select Brand > Manage Customer Portal

💡See ‘Explore Customer Portal’ for details. 

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