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Delivery Bot Overview

Shorten your work hours by automatizing repetitive work. Delivery Bot automatically delivers new tickets according to set rules. Experience simple replying processes with Delivery Bot. 

Start Delivery Bot 

You can start Delivery Bot from the gadget page of the top menu of OQUPIE. Followings are 3 main features of Delivery Bot: 

  • Delivery Bot rule type setting
  • Create rule
  • Rule activation ON/OFF setting and deletion

Delivery Bot Rule Type Setting 

You can apply rules with different methods by Delivery Bot rule type setting. Click rule type button at the top left of the rule list on the Delivery Bot page to select rule type. When setting is finished, rule type button changes to rule type button currently running. 

Delivery Bot rule type

  • Run first matching rule: Run first matching rule and do not run the rest. It is a default rule type.
  • Run all matching rules once: Run all matching rules once in order of the rules. Among above rule type, skip rules that do not meet the condition and run the next rule.

Because the Delivery Bots work on tickets in order of the rules, you need to determine the order of the rules. You can change the order by clicking the Change Order button on the Rule List Box by drag-and-drop. 

Create Rule 

Click Create Rule on the Delivery Bot page to go to the Create Rule page. Setting contents are as follows. 

  • Basic information: rule title, scope of rule (all brands/specific brands), rule running (ON/OFF)
  • Condition: Set ticket condition for rule action execution
  • Action: Set rule actions that will automatically carry out actions on tickets with the corresponding conditions

You can add the Delivery Bot condition by clicking on the Add Condition button at the bottom of Basic Information. You can add many conditions and all conditions are in an ‘and’ relationship. Ticket properties that can be set as conditions are as follows. 

  • Inquiry Title
  • Inquiry Content
  • Inquiry Title or Content
  • Channel: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Play, Customer Portal, Mobile SDK, UE4 Plugin, Widget
  • Type: Can only be used when scope of rule is specific brands.
  • Customer (Sender) Email
  • Customer (Sender) Name
  • Customer (Sender) Rating: General, VIP, VVIP
  • Customer (Sender) Status: Malicious customer
  • Customer (Sender) Language
  • Additional field: Customer added parameter value when Mobile SDK or UE4 Plugin is connected

Tickets that have above conditions set running actions. Type of actions that can automatically run under set conditions are as follows.

  • Set ticket type: Only can be used when scope of the rule pertains to specific brands.
  • Importance setting: Low, medium, high
  • Add tag: Add tag on the ticket.
  • Assign to a group or member: Ticket is assigned to a group or member
  • Brand settings: You can change to other brands created in Oqupie account.
  • Send notification mail: You can send a notification mail to a selected member.
  • Send to trash: Move to Tickets > Deleted Tickets.

If you want to make a new rule by editing a part of the existing rule, you can use the copy feature. Click •••(More) button on the Rule List page and select copy

Rule Activation ON/OFF Setting and Deletion 

Complete rule scenario by setting rule activation ON/OFF. If rule activation is ON, Delivery Bot runs the rule, and if it is OFF, the rule is skipped. You can setup rule activation by clicking •••(More) on the rule list page or see rule and edit page. 

You can delete a rule by clicking the •••(More) button on the rule list page or the View Rule and Edit page.

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