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Connect Overview

Connect is an additional service that connects the business messenger of the team and OQUPIE. Set up important event alarm conditions and receive alarm through the team’s messenger. 

Start Connect 

You can start Connect from the Gadget at the top menu of OQUPIE. Connecting methods to Connect differ by messenger but event setting for the alarm is the same. 

  • Connect messenger
  • Integration setting

Connect Messenger 

You can connect Slack, Jandi and Telegram with OQUPIE. 


Select Slack in Connect and click the Add button. Go to the Slack page and complete authorization. When the connection is completed by authorization, click + Add at the left to set Slack channel for alarm and complete other set up. Click Create button to finish. 


Select Jandi in Connect and click the Add button. Copy and paste Webhook URL provided by the Jandi service and complete other settings. Click the Create button to finish. 


Select Telegram in Connect and click the Add button. When you click the Create button after filling in setting the items, OQUPIE Tokens appear. Copy & paste and send the Token to the Telegram channel following the Token connection method. 

Integration Setting 

Brand Settings 

You can set what brands to connect to the messenger. You can set either to receive notice from all brands or receive notice from only specific brands. 

  • All brands: Receive event notice from all brands created in the account
  • Specific brands: Receive event notice from specific brands

Event Setup

Event notice you can receive from Connect are as follows. You can choose more than one.

  • New ticket: New ticket created, new ticket created by a VIP & VVIP customer
  • Ticket property: assigned, priority change
  • Ticket status: change to ‘open/pending/resolved/closed’
  • Ticket conversation: replied by member, replied by customer, add ticket memo
  • Others: ticket deleted
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