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Canned Response Overview

Repeated questions, greetings, etc., can be processed quickly with canned responses. Communicate with your customers faster by using Canned Response. Placeholders can help to create customized answers. 

Start Canned Response 

You can start Canned Response from the Gadget page at the top menu of OQUPIE. Canned responses can be understood in three steps. 

  • Canned Response category
  • Write Canned Response
  • Apply Canned Response

Canned Response category 

Canned Response are divided into Share Canned Response and Personal Canned Response. 


  • Canned Responses: You can check all the documents in the canned responses.
  • Folder: You can check all the folders in the canned responses.


  • My response: Response only used by me or unfinished replies.
  • Favorites: Responses that are used frequently can be saved in favorites.

Write Canned Response 

You should create a folder before writing a canned response. Go to Create New Folder at the top right of the folder category to create and manage new folder. 

Go to Create New Response at the top right of the All Canned Response page to publish a new response. Publishing contents are as follows: 

  • Response title
  • Response body
  • Placeholders: Flexible information on the ticket such as customer name, agent name, inquiry type and channel, etc. Canned response processed as placeholders are automatically filled according to the customer situation and ticket information when replying to the ticket.
  • Published scope - Shared: Answers opened to all members.
  • Published scope -Personal: Answers open to the writer of the canned response.
  • Folder: Parent folder of the canned response

Apply Canned Response 

Canned response is used to reply in the ticket. Move to Ticket Conversation and click the Canned Response icon in the reply section at the bottom. You can choose the Canned Response on the right. 

Canned Response in the ticket is composed as follows.

  • Favorites: Canned Response you added to favorites
  • Recent usage: Recently used Canned Responses
  • All response: All Canned Response published as ‘public’ status and management by folder

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