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Update note - 1st Week of June 2021

🔒Email authentication function has updated.

🥳 Email authentication setting is now available in Brand Management  >Inquiry Types and Templates .

Email authentication function can be useful in this case!

  • When receiving security-critical inquiries such as personal information or refund inquiries, I would like to receive inquiries only from customers who have completed verification by email.
  • I want to prevent the mistake of not being able to reply to inquiries because the customer entered the wrong e-mail address.

📌 Tip: Email verification can be selected for each inquiry type. Apply email authentication only to the appropriate types of inquiries.

📌 Note: If you are using the JWT-style portal finder, make sure you are collecting the customer's email address correctly!

Wondering how long it would be taken to answer the tickets ❓ Now you can 👀 see it at a glance!

  • Now, you can check the initial response time in the additional information on the ticket! You can see at a glance when the inquiry has been received and when it was updated, so it makes to support the customer far more effectively.
  • Depending on the status of the ticket, you can see various types of phrases.

If you answer the ticket,

😊 It took 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes to respond

If an inquiry has answered in less than a minute,

😍 It took less than a minute to respond!

If the inquiry is resolved without a response from the customer,

😝 No reply? Easy as pie!

If you have not yet responded to your inquiry,

😭 The customer is waiting for you to reply.

In the Ticket information, you can check the phrases above from now on 😉

📌 Note: The initial response time refers to the time it takes for a member to first respond to a customer's inquiry.

➕ Additional notes

  • Fixed an error that prevented changing ticket status.

  • modified it so that unnecessary information could not be seen.

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