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Email authentication

📨   Email authentication is,   

For a particular type of inquiry, only customers who have authenticated with their email could leave inquiries.

It is a function necessary for inquiries that require a high-security level. Ex) Personal information inquiries, account inquiries, and refund inquiries

 🔖  What do you mean...  

  •   Authentication:  Email authentication is a procedure to verify that the email entered by the customer is the email used by the actual owner by sending the authentication number before leaving the inquiry.
  •   Digit Code: A six-digit code used for authentication is sent to the customer's mail.

 ❓  How can I set it up?  

  1. Oqupie   >   Setting   >   Brands   >   Choose Brand   >   Inquiry type and Templates   
  2. Click the type of inquiry you want to set up authentication for, and check Email Authentication as Enabled.

     🔻 Image of Email authentication template

 👪  How does it apply to customers?  

  1.  Click and select the type of inquiry that requires email authentication in the Customer Portal.  

  2. The type of inquiry will display the following email authentication popup with instructions that email authentication is required:

     🔻 Image of Email authentication popup

  3. If you don't have the customer's email address information, the customer has to enter the email address himself.   
    ↔️ Otherwise, If you already have the customer's email information, an email will be sent to the address contained in the customer information.  

  4. If the customer entered the 6-digit authentication number sent to their email into the appropriate field, customer can leave an inquiry.

      🔻 Image of Authentication email

 👩‍💻  Still got some questions... 

I've already set that type to the inquiry status only for certified customers, but should customers still pass email authentication?

  • Yes, even if you are a member who is logged in to the customer portal, you need to get additional email authentication when using the function.


Does customers who have once verified their e-mail need to be re-certified?

  • Even customers who have received email authentication must go through the authentication process again if they make a ticket with the same type of inquiry.


Can I get email authentication for all kinds of inquiries?

  • You can set up email authentication for all inquiries made by 1:1 support on the customer portal. However, for inquiries that are received directly by email or through other channels, email authentication cannot be set.
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