OQUPIE User Guide Organization
Organization Overview

Organization is where you invite and manage members to collaborate on customer support in OQUPIE. Manage member roles and setup tasks and access using the ‘Organization’ feature to improve collaboration. 

Start Organization 

You can start Organization at the upper right of Oqupie by clicking Settings> Organization. You can manage following tasks in Organization. 

  • Invite member
  • Manage member
  • Manage group
  • Manage roles

Invite Member 

You can invite members to collaborate in customer support by clicking the member invitation button at the top of menu bar on Organization page. 

  • Individual invitation: Select email, name and role of the member to invite
  • Bulk invitation: Click Member Invitation Modal>Bulk Invitation to invite many people at once

After invitation, check members pending invitation in the Organization >Invitation Pending page and resend or cancel invitation. 

Manage Member 

Check and manage active members on the Organization >Active Members page. 

Manage content

  • Edit Member Profile
  • Change Member role
  • Add Member to a Group
  • Delete Member

Manage Group 

If you make a group, managing tickets and brands become easier and collaboration more efficient. Click Organization >Manage Group and on that page, you can create group by clicking Create Group button at the top right. 

Setting Contents 

  • Group Name
  • Automatic ticket assignment ON/OFF: If it is ON, when a ticket is assigned to the group, it is automatically assigned to the members within the group in order. If it is OFF, when a ticket is assigned to the group, it should be assigned in person to a member. 
  • Add members to group: Add members to group

Manage Roles 

You can check manage roles in Organization >Manage Roles. This is where you define roles used within the account. Roles are classified as follows. 

  • Basic role: It is a default role defined by Oqupie as account owner, admin, pro agent, agent.
  • New role: You can define new roles that fits the user’s organization by clicking Create new roles.

You cannot change basic roles, but you can create, edit and delete new roles. 

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