OQUPIE User Guide Setting
System Overview

System is where you set and record OQUPIE account’s info and service preferences. 

Start System 

You can manage it at the top right of OQUPIE in Settings>System. You can manage following items in System. 

  • Registration information
  • Customize Design
  • Set service preferences
  • Account
  • System log

Registration Information

You can change the company or team information used in managing OQUPIE accounts and communicating with customers. Go to Settings>System>Sign Up Information. 

Setting Contents

  • Company or team name
  • Email
  • Main phone
  • Cell phone
  • Subscription to OQUPIE’s newsletter

Customize Design 

The feature allows you to decorate the OQUPIE space used which is shared by all members. Change your logo and name using Customize design. Go to Settings>System>Customize Design.

Setting Contents 

  • Top menu display options: It is displayed like a logo at the top left of the OQUPIE account. You have three options – Display Website Name, Display Logo, Display Website Name and Logo.
  • Website name: Representative name used in OQUPIE account
  • Logo: Logo displayed at the top left of Oqupie account
  • Favicon: Representative icon displayed on a web browser address bar or tab

 Set Service Preferences 

In service preferences you can set basic preferences to start customer support. Basic preferences are foundation of various actions taken in using OQUPIE. Go to Settings>System>Service Preferences.

Setting Contents

  • Time zone (region): Basic time zone for the Oqupie account that is reflected on tickets and reports.
  • Language: Service language used in default account
  • Date display: Date display method changes according to date display setting Two display methods are YYYY.MM.DD and MM.DD.YYYY.

Following language can be used as service language for your OQUPIE account.

  • Korean
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese


Where important information related to the OQUPIE account is managed. Go to Settings>System >Account

  • Change Account Owner

The Account Owner is a role automatically granted to the member who created the Oqupie account. Account Owner has access to all the features in Oqupie, and the authority to edit and delete accounts. So, you must be careful when changing the Account Owner.

  • 계정 웹 주소 변경
  • Change Account Web Address

You can change the account web address (URL) only once, so be careful. The web URL can only be created with a combination of lowercase letters and numbers.

  • Delete OQUPIE Account (Membership Withdrawal)

You can delete your OQUPIE account by clicking Delete your OQUPIE account at the bottom of OQUPIE account page. If you delete an OQUPIE account, the account and all related information including connected channel information such as connected email, customer center, widget, etc. will be deleted also. 

  • Find Account Web Address

If you do not remember the account web address while logging in to OQUPIE, use find web address below the account web address field in the OQUPIE login page. 

System Log

This is where you manage important system process history such as ticket blocking, deleting and brand deleting etc.

System log action

  • Delete brands
  • Ticket blocking or deleting
  • Delete new roles

System log record content

  • Date of action
  • Action content: delete, block
  • Item content: deleted brand information, delete or blocked ticket information
  • Processor name
  • Ground for process (Memo)

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